FaZe Simp the Pimp Is Just Getting Started

For anybody who thought Chris Lehr aka FaZe Simp aka Simp the Pimp(trying to get it to stick) was gonna lay off the gas anytime soon, they better hibernate for the next decade. This 20 year old phenom is on a-whole-nother level when it comes to downing tangos & making em dance. Wait, rewind. The past couple days, some personalities, content creators, & professional players were able to get early beta access in order to promote the new game, Call of Duty Vanguard. Simp do what Simp does & he completely eviscerated every lobby he touched. Obviously not all players are in the same realm of skill level as the Pimp(still working title), but like I mentioned, some pro players were involved. And on top of that, most of these personalities play video games for their job. They’ve logged a lot of hours, and I know that doesn’t always translate to skill, but they’re gonna be better than your buddies who screenshot every Warzone win *shots fired*. He’s your CDL 2021 Season MVP for a reason & here’s the proof. Roll the highlight reel!

This man is almost doubling the kills of Dylan Envoy & the field. Obviously it’s got to be hard trying to match kills with Simp when he’s on your team taking them all, so Envoy is home free. I know it’s just beta access pubs, but I get so amped for the next CoD installment every year. I foam at the mouth for the early access stuff each and every year. Do some years stink more than others, yeah. Will I get let down, maybe. But at least it’s something new & that can take our attention for at least a couple weeks. Not going to give my official preview without playing it, but the maps look pretty promising from today’s early access. Hopefully we can get more of the same on launch added with some solid game modes & trophy systems that don’t stay active for 5+ minutes. Either way, I’ll be on the battlefield(not the DICE game) on November 5th ready to ripped apart by Mr. Pimp.

Simp also uploaded a couple of full gameplays to his YouTube in which I’ll link here.

I also really wanted to crop Simp’s face on Kramer here, but have no clue on this new desktop, so just imagine

Seinfeld out on Netflix October 1st


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