The Most Fed-Up Line Of Dialogue In Star Wars History Is Now Canon

Oscar Issac’s performance as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is one of the best parts of the whole damn thing. While I wasn’t exactly stoked about how all over the place Poe’s arc was in the finale of the Abrams/Johnson trilogy (same can be said for almost every character involved honestly), one moment in the trilogy will always stand alone from the rest.

This absolute gem of a line, which caught on like wildfire and has become a meme with a mind of its own.

As it turns out, Poe’s discontent and fed-up-ed-ness while delivering this news is now officially canon, thanks to a post from a few days ago on explaining Emperor Palpatine’s contingency plan. All posts on this section of are basically like officially sanctioned Wiki pages, so the following is essentially etched in Star Wars canon forever:

Although Poe Dameron might not have understood how Palpatine returned in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and was understandably exasperated at the news, it was all part of the Contingency: a plan that anticipated Palpatine’s death and prepared for his return to power.


I don’t know why, but I can’t stop laughing at this explanation. Calling Poe “understandably exasperated” by the revelation that Palpatine was back is just so on-the-money, it almost hurts. You know who else was understandably exasperated by that line of dialogue? Oscar Issac, me, you, and everyone else who saw the flick.

I love it when Star Wars makes goofy shit like this canon, so this was just too good not to share.

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