Ray Lewis’ Madden Championship Series Hype Video Is Pure Electricity

The Madden Championship Series kicks off tonight.

For too long, dumbasses have gone on the internet to attempt to clown esports players with insults like “if you want to be good at football, why don’t you go try to play for the NFL”. Well, Ray Lewis heard y’all talking shit. And he’s got something to say.

I absolutely love this. Whether Ray Lewis had a hand in writing this or not, the acknowledgement of the grind that Madden pros (and other esports athletes) go through to grind to the top is no joke, and it’s awesome to see a league acknowledge that, especially Madden.

I can’t think of a more electrifying esports hype video than this in recent memory, so I hope the energy here carries you all through this long ass Tuesday.


Papa Dom

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