People Are Already Trying to Make a Quick Buck off of Valorant Accounts

Ever since we got our first look at Valorant 2 days ago, I’ve been hooked. Looking up everything under the sun to get ready for the beta to launch on the 7th. I’m one of the lucky ones who got a drop on Twitch which resulted in getting white-listed for the closed beta. So i’ll be playing it until my meat falls off or they pull the cord from the servers. And rumor has it the beta is gonna run for a long time.

I feel awful for those who didn’t get white-listed. They’re just going to have to watch from the sidelines while everyone has a blast, playing one of the most anticipated games we’ve ever seen. Just praying to the big man that they get a drop. A chance to join the cool kids.

Well. I got you covered. You can buy accounts from eBay.

Quick flip baby. I respect the hell out of the hustle. 100% profit. Get white-listed, toss it on eBay, and boom. You’re $300 richer. And then attach another account, and hope you get another drop. Now you’re playing the same game as the person you just juiced for a few Benjamins. Sounds like a win win.

So far, 37 accounts have sold since the 3rd. Ranging from $45 to $300. My guy who sold for $45 dumped too early, you really hate to see it. If he just held on for one more day he would have 5 x’d his money.

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