Father Wakes Up 2-Year Old Dressed As Darth Vader, Son Promptly Fulfills His Destiny

First of all, let me tell you something right now – this kid can join my Rebellion any day. Little Sebastian Skywalker over┬áhere is barely awake and wiping the crust from his eyes, sees one of the most powerful Sith Lords in history standing at his bedside – and what does he do? Doesn’t cry, doesn’t shout, doesn’t flinch – he reaches right for his lightsaber. How did he even know there was a lightsaber there? Does he sleep with it? Does he constantly keep it by his side? Has a Sith Lord broken into his home before? I don’t know most of these answers – but I do know that Sebastian is the hero this galaxy needs.

P.S. – Shoutout to the mom here allowing all of this tomfoolery to go down in the first place. The poor kid coulda woken up and had a heart attack, but she knew her son had ice water in his veins and zero fear in his heart. Sebastian kiddie cornered Darth Vader and told HIM who the real father of the house is. Unreal.

Papa Dom

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