This Generation Will Finally Learn How Ash and Pikachu Became Friends- I Choose You Pokémon Movie

Last December we got a chance to see Pokémon’s new movie I Choose You! I know that a lot of people reading this are like “we all know how they met you fat drunk idiot”. But you have to understand, this generation of kids may have no idea and that is what pisses me off. You know how to use an iPhone and know how to do long division but you have no idea how to do laundry or Ash and Pikachu met? Preposterous. Sources have confirmed that this movie is in fact a reboot and will be hitting Japanese theaters in July of this year. I will go and I will cry beautiful tears because I am a pussy and Pikachu is mad cute.



And now take a gander of the trailer for Pokémon’s new movie I Choose You!


Lit, can’t wait.



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