I’ve Found God, And His Name Is Larry Enticer

Disclaimer: This post has literally nothing to do with video games. I just need to shout from the internet rooftops about how much I love this guy.

I don’t remember where I first saw it posted, or who shared it, but I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I saw a denim-clad man with a mullet chugging Budweisers and FLYING off gigantic ramps on his Super Twin snowmobile. Flaming wooden pallets, 80-foot clearances, huge landings, sometimes even huge crashes – this guy did it all. Next thing I knew I was down an internet black hole trying to find any hint of who this guy was. Only four words were found: Denim Danger, Larry Enticer.

Larry’s Facebook page bio simply reads: “Name Is larry E I live for a colD beeR anD DA Old sUPer TWinnzz!!” and absolutely nothing else. I have no idea if this man is playing a character, or if this is simply who he is, but I do know one thing… I need to be best friends with him. And him and I share a favorite catch-phrase (“send it”).

Do yourself a favor and check out Larry Enticer’s Facebook page right here. And Larry, if you’re reading this, we here at Wicked Good Gaming love you. Please do us the honor of coming on the podcast. Personally, we think it’d be electric.

Papa Dom

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