Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s Reveal Trailer Proves That Nobody Tugs The Heartstrings Quite Like Bungie

I’ve had a few days to let Bungie’s Destiny Showcase marinate in my brain now, and I am ready to admit that I really – really want to get back into my Guardian’s boots sooner rather than later.

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty down on Destiny for the majority of the year, and I feel like that comes with every game that you might play for an extended amount of time. I got burnt out, tired of the loot grind, and not even Bungie’s godlike gunplay within Destiny could reel me back in. That is, until, I saw this reveal trailer for Destiny 2’s grand finale for their “Light versus Darkness” saga… The Final Shape.

For anyone who grew up on Bungie’s works, this trailer may or may not be giving you shades of their Halo heyday. It certainly does to me. As a matter of fact, Ghost’s little monologue in The Final Shape reveal trailer reminds me exactly of Halo 3’s first few minutes.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

The stories of luck, hope, heroism, destiny… All of those are what Bungie does best. I have definitely gotten more than my share of fatigue from Destiny over the years, but I am absolutely ready to dive back in and put foot-to-alien-ass once again once Destiny 2: The Final Shape arrives in February.

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