Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: The Wicked Good Review

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is the long awaited inheritor of the 23 year old Jet Set Radio series quietly abandoned by SEGA. In this successor developed by “Team Reptile”, you play as a crew of rebellious characters, tagging up the streets with graffiti in style. All while grinding rails between inline skates, BMX, skateboarding like Tony Hawk,  you boost and trick through the city avoiding cops.  If you get sick of the 5-0, you can always fight them with gusto slinging your kicks around to take them out. You can even battle other crews for turf after you’ve spread your art around the block enough.

Just Can’t Get Enough Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

I’ve personally been anticipating this game with great excitement ever since it was announced. I picked it up as soon as Steam would let me get my hands on it. It has everything a JSR fan would want from an heir to the series! More methods of movement, and a more interactive way to spray graffiti. There’s a ton of unlockable characters. As well as a heat system similar to GTA’s “wanted level”, and more.

The story for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is actually pretty intriguing! Without getting into too much detail, you start the game breaking out of prison. But you lose your head… literally. That’s right, you’re dead at the start. But don’t worry! You’ve got a new cybernetic head slapped on your shoulders! Now, et back your old one that’s being preserved by a bold looking DJ. Most of the game entails taking over turf to gather information about the mysteries behind the story of the game. Holy Christ is it a tumbling ride of excitement!

Wipe Out of Your Mind the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The soundtrack has a ton of house, hip-hop, and funk music bumpin’ the whole time you’re playing. Hideki Naganuma who did the music for the original JSR games is featured here. As well as some tracks from newer indie artists like GRRL, and KiloWatts. There’s some music for everyone here.

After tagging up an area enough in graffiti. There’s battles between crews where you need to score points than a rival gang in a short amount of time. As a reward if you win, you gain the territory the opposite crew had. As well as trigger a boss battle which I won’t get much into due to spoilers.

Gang, Gang

I’ve loved playing this game and I’m looking forward to completing it 100%. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is everything I wanted and more. That’s why regretfully I have to give some of my final thoughts on the game here.

The Good: 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has that urban comic cell-shaded feel like the JSR games it was inspired from. Movement feels great, tricks feel great, everything feels great. I love the amount of options you have for graffiti and recolors of your gear. The story is pretty deep and intriguing, and it’s crafted pretty damn well. Overall the city punk aesthetic is there, and I think they nailed it. Did I mention there’s a dedicated dance button?

The Bad: 

I don’t have much bad to say about this game to be honest. I really only have two critiques. The outfits for characters, and gear are just recolors, and that’s a little disappointing. I would have liked some entirely different outfits for people. The other nitpick I have is the camera. It can be a little hard to catch bosses with that move around a lot. I found myself panning the camera around during certain boss fights where they were moving so fast I couldn’t keep up! Despite this, I still think the boss fights are pretty fun.

The Verdict:

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an amazing and well crafted game from Team Reptile. Even if you haven’t played it’s inspiration, if you like urban aesthetics, you’re gonna love it! Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch, and September 1st for Xbox and Playstation.

Final Score:  5/5 Spraycans


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