Xbox Reportedly Turned Down My Mixtape

Microsoft and Xbox have been in hot water recently with reports coming out about them turning down massive Marvel deals which inevitably led to Sony’s exclusivity deal. Alongside that truly shocking news, the site we shall not name made yet another click bait article calling out Xbox Game Pass fatigue in which the official Game Pass twitter ratio’d the K word site into much deserved oblivion. In even bigger BREAKING NEWS, Xbox has turned down my mixtape I have been working on ever since Game Pass was announced. I wanted to revolutionize Game Pass for Microsoft and the masses. Game Pass is already the Netflix of videogames. I wanted to also make Game Pass the the gaming Spotify next. Phil Spencer was not a fan.

Microsoft has clear music bias as they decided my experimental folk mumble rap EP was not up to snuff with the likes of CrackDown 3, Bleeding Edge, and The Gunk. With hit songs like Thanos Purple Drink, Sunset Overdose, and CrackDown My Nose , I am truly hurt Microsoft decided to pass on me. After reading the breaking news yesterday about Marvel and GamePass subscriptions I decided to fly out to Xbox HQ in Washington to hand deliver my CD to Mr. Spencer stating “I know there is a lot of negative publicity around Xbox right now, but together we can change that”. He laughed at me and said “Everything is digital now, how dare you hand me this piece of environment killing technology”. Although I applaud Phil for his stance preserving the environment, I was still upset nonetheless.

Microsoft's impressive list of Xbox Game Pass games just got even better |

All that being said, Game Pass is still 100% the best value in gaming right now. I have recently found myself playing games I would have otherwise ignored and thoroughly enjoying the indie scene that has been holding gaming afloat these past few years. The Marvel deal is a bummer, but not the end of the world.

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