Game Devs for Firies is Live Let’s Save Koalas

We mentioned last week at the end of the podcast that if anyone in the community was interested in donating for Australian support that I would find a charity for us. Guy “Yug” Blomberg, the Global Gaming Content Director over at Reedpop, made my search significantly easier. Our pal Yug sent over an email earlier today highlighting an awesome cause. Game Devs for Firies is an opportunity for developers to auction off some of their gaming memorabilia with 100% of all proceeds going to the volunteer organisations and charities.

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It is a simple enough process, game developers put up either an item or unique opportunity on twitter using all of their hashtags and followers bid on it. The highest bidder will need to prove they donated when bidding ends on January 22nd and the devs send the item or service. Game Devs for Firies is connected and independent auction with developers managing their own auctions all under the required hashtags. Make sure to check out all of the threads and items being auctioned off on Twitter and even if you just want to donate, there are links provided on their site to do so. If you score some exclusive gear make sure to bring it to PAX East this year and show your favorite Degenerate Journalists, Chris will buy yours beers all night.

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