NBA 2K18 Adds KG and Kobe Bryant To The Game’s Broadcast Team

So, 2K just casually dropped in a couple of first-ballot HOFers to their virtual announce booth yesterday, granting Kobe Bryant and KG guest-starring roles in NBA 2K18.

Not only is this fucking incredible to see happen (huge KG guy here) but it seems like both players are having a great time doing what they’re doing. KG and Kobe seem to appear in the “booth” as special broadcast guests who just dropped by to spectate your games, which adds an awesome layer of atmospheric detail to an already sickeningly authentic franchise.

2K18 has multiple booth teams in-game, which is something no other sports video game is doing, period. And with the addition of the Big Ticket and the Black Mamba, the most insanely real Sports video game franchise on the planet just got a whole lot realer. And MAN I can’t wait to hear if KG shit talks the players over the broadcast.

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