Anheuser-Busch Halted Brewing to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Mother Nature can be a beautiful wistful creature sometimes, but she can also be a huge bitch.  Most recently, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Southern Coast, dropping more that 40 inches of rain water, flooding massive areas of Texas and Louisiana. Homes are flooded and thousands were left stranded waiting for help to arrive.  The process, of course, is on-going, but progress is being made and families are being reunited, those stranded are being rescued, but sustainability needs to be matched until, quite literally the tides die down and families can return to their homes, and attempt to regain some normalcy.  As we all know from tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina, it is a long and slow process and everyone needs to band together to support those in need.  Anheuser-Busch has taken some initial action to support those in need.

America’s Favorite Beer Anheuser-Busch has halted brewing and production in their Georgia brewery this week to can safe drinking water for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Almost 155,000 cans of safe drinking water have been delivered and distributed so far.  We all need to be more like Anhueser-Busch and chip in anyway we can.  When we all inevitably end up at a liquor store,  I think we owe it to Anhueser-Busch to each buy a 30 rack of Bud Lights.  You can read more about the heroism performed here.  Make sure to help out our Southern folks before you buy that 30 rack and you can do so by accessing any of the donation sites found here.   I would say to work through the American Red Cross, but many people have been against donating to their cause following the Earthquake in Haiti and how poorly the Red Cross dealt with the aftermath.  The previously listed site provides several other outlets in which to donate, including churches, Global Giving, and The Salvation Army.  Let us know if you donated in the comments, on Twitter @WickedGoodGames, or anywhere else @WickedGoodGaming and we will give you a shout out on this week’s Episode of Not Another Gaming Podcast.

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