Pokemon’s Tera Forms Work Differently Than We Thought

Pokemon has long since had a new gimmick every generation since gen 6 with its “mega evolution”. Now, with the newest games coming to the series, Scarlet and Violet take crystals to a whole new meaning. In a previous article, I mentioned that “Terastilization” would make a Pokemon have up to three types. Apparently, due to new information posted on the Pokemon website, this is not the case. 

Pokemon Tera Chart
A Pokemon will change into it’s Tera typing once activated by a Tera Orb

In the Scarlet/Violet region of Paldea, every Pokemon has its own Terra type. With a special device called a Tera Orb, a trainer can Terastallize their Pokemon which will then change its whole typing to its assigned Tera. For instance, pictured above is a Magnemite which is normally an Electric/Steel type.

When it’s Terastalized into a Normal type, its Same Type Attack Bonus (which boosts attacks of the same type), will boost its Normal type moves. If its Tera type is the same as one of its former types, it will have twice the amount of power compared to if it didn’t have the typing beforehand.

Tera Orb
This guy is going to have to be charged a lot, in crystals around the region, or Pokemon Centers!

This makes Terra forms way less complex than previously thought. Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick, one of the top competitive Pokemon players in the world, shared his thoughts in a YouTube video. He was originally concerned that a third typing would be bad for competitive battling, but after reading into the information on the topic his concerns (along with my own), were quelled. This new gimmick is very interesting, and should shake up battles in a way like never before!

What are your thoughts on this new gimmick in gen 9? Let us know in the comments down below.


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