xQc Getting into a Screaming Match In Warzone Reminds Me of the Good Ol’ Days

I thank Call of Duty lobbies for how thick skinned I am. Getting called everything in the book just because i’m trying to play a game was never an easy thing to deal with. Run home from school, throw all my shit on the ground, grab a Cosmic Brownie from the cabinet, maybe a soda from the fridge, and plop my fat ass down. Only to have my family ripped apart by random pubescent teens on the internet, who have never met them. They’re actually good people. Today’s kids could NEVER.

Well, I saw this clip of xQc – and it brings me right back.

via xQc

You can see the anger just starting to build as soon as the first “suck my dick” got tossed out. Followed by an onslaught of “you’re trash bros”. And the cherry on top was the “your grandma is a bitch” coming from the clouds. Such a great chirp.

Bring me back

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