Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Changes to Come Post Beta

So Call of Duty WW2’s first private beta has come to an end and Sledgehammer supposedly got some good feedback on the game. So that looks like there going to be come Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer changes! Exciting. Also, giving out a web survey to Beta players and a way for them to report technical issues while playing the Beta. By the looks of the community page(insert link copied) they are taking this information being provided and seriously listening to the criticism, positive and negative.

A few of these adjustments that will be optimized prior to launch are exactly what Call of Duty needs to make it a little less stressful and less “I want to put a hole through this fucking TV” ish. Hit feedback is going to be improved, so hopefully if you win a gun battle you ACTUALLY win the gun battle. Incendiary shells (whack) need to be nerfed and wait for it….. TDM MATCH SCORE TO BE 100 and not 75. Yea 25 kills doesn’t seem like much but there is nothing worse than going to town in TDM and only being able to grab a few kills, or be only a few kills away from a dope kill streak. Especially when you’re on team of somewhat decent players and not total pylons, the games go by too quick. 


Listen to your fan base. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Keep listing to the people Sledgehammer, for that reason this game is going to be dope.


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