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The call back to 1980’s classic horror none of us were expecting.  I’m not sure how much you all know about me at this point, but I am a huge fan of horror ant it can be argued that the 80’s held THE best years of cinematic horror.  You choose your list of you Top 5 Horror Movies from any decade and step the fuck up to the plate with me on the mound, because I can almost guarantee my lineup will win.


Sorry I got a little fired up there.  Stranger Things is a new Netflix original series that focuses around a small town boy’s disappearance, how his friends, family, and town react to it, as well as the underlying supernatural mysteries of the town itself.  It reminds me of a corss between Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, and Netflix’s own Hemlock Grove.  What differentiates Stranger Things from the amazing list of aforementioned shows above is how it focuses on the perspective of the kids and teenagers involved.  It does occassionally split to Will’s mother, played by Winona Ryder, who is fantastic here…as well as the Chief.  The show truly shines with the kids though…don;t get me wrong literally every character in this show is great, but the kids steal the show.  It is truly so rare to find even decent young actors, but Netflix fucking crushes dingers with their casting, shout out Wet Hot American Summer.

Beyond the great acting, Stranger Things ventures into multiple sub genres of horror, better than most modern day, single genre horror “blockbusters”.  They keep a perfect balance between supernatural, monster, and mystery and suspense.  Stranger Things is a throwback to the great movies in the 80s and go out of their way to hide easter eggs such as The Thing Posters, and Stephen King nods left and right.  It is also the perfect level of campy with a great sense of timing for humor and jokes.  You wouldn’t expect a TV series to reach such peaks for campy horror, but it genuinely holds throughout the entirety of the series.  Of course Ash Vs Evil Dead is the outlier here, because Bruce Campbell is the King of Camp.  Have I mentioned that one of the very first scenes the kids are playing DnD and you all know how we feel about or Tabletop gaming here at Wicked Good Gaming.  DnD ends up playing a huge role throughout the show, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys because Stranger Things is absolutely worth the watch.

The characters are great, the acting is commendable, the suspense is palpable, the mystery is engaging, the plot is phenomenal, and the reveals are satisfying.  I am literally watching the last episode as I write this this article and I cannot praise this show enough.  Stranger Things has easily worked its way into my Top Netflix Series list and I implore you to start watching this show ASAP.

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