LoL Patch 6.12: Just Keep Swimming

LoL What To Expect From Patch 6.12

Corki got a small buff and could finally get his ass off the bench once again. He has been dead and buried for a while now but the Triforce changes and his Gatling Gun change/buff should def help him out. I predict to see some weird Black Cleaver builds come out of nowhere from Korea since it stacks with his gatling gun armor shred putting forth ticks more rapidly.

I see Fizz…my newest favorite AP assassin, will take the backseat to some other assassins. I will at least be playing a little more Leblanc if these Fizz nerfs hurt him too bad. Tank Fizz is dead, thanks to the nerf to his W’s % HP and AP Fizz is kind of limping around right now. The good thing about Fizz is his easy to play, but hard to master mechanics. His AP ratios with flat AP and Magic Pen were bonkers so one shotting carries mid and late game was super satisfying. It seems as though you may need to prioritize cooldown reduction a little more because they nerfed his E’s cooldown as well. In my opinion, it may take another item or two before Fizz becomes that 1 shot monster we all love to hate. A fed snowballing Fizz will win a game regardless of his nerfs, but they may deter some newer players from riding the shark up the elo ladder.


Syndra and Xin got some minor buffs. I feel like there has been a big push away from AP assassins back to the low mobility burst mages as of late. This may be a topic I touch upon separately in another article so stay tuned. I think both Syndra and Xin were in decent places beforehand but the minor AP ratio buff and Base HP and HP per level gain buffs should help them out a little bit.

threshr1 (1)

Rito is trying a little too hard to influence how ADC’s build. They have been trying to push the meta back into a more Infinity Edge based builds. I absolutely loathe the idea of ADC, but I have tried out a new Korean MF Black Cleaver build that I have destroyed teams with. When I say destroy…I mean single handedly carried games to wins with over 20 kills. Granted I had my good buddy Diego with the OP Leona support, but still 3 games in a day with more than 20 kills means something is working here. What I always loved about league was the endless amount of item combinations a person could develop for any character so it is kind of disheartening to see Rito try to push it back to more traditional formats. However, I still 100% suggest giving the Miss Fortune Black Cleaver/Ghostblade/Duskblade build a shot, it is fucking fun as shit.

dark star varus

Also Darkstar Thresh and Varus have been released.

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