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Microsoft E3 Conference

This years E3 really fueled a good competitive nature between Microsfot and Sony with some real solid trailers and gameplay releases. It was a hard fought battle and I honestly can chalk this E3 as a tie between the two…Nintendo is always an outlier because they don’t give a shit about anyone else. Nintendo should just buy the rights to YOLO, because they say fuck everyone else and do their own thing. Let’s kick this shit off with one of the biggest, and my all time favorite Microsoft exclusive.

Gears of War 4: This series really hits home to me and I always look forward to a new entry. I think the gameplay looks great, really fluid, and the plot seems very interesting to say the least. I think the one liners are a little forced, but it may be from us not having much background of the characters. We know Cole Train and why he says the shit he says, so we just accept it at face value. The new weapons like that bussblade thing look badass and the destroyable cover is a great addition. The gorilla beast looks dope and not for nothing, what more could anyone ask for beyond a Grizzled Veteran Marcus Fenix?


Killer Instinct: I’m not a huge fighting game fan, besides Smash Bros, but I do love the character designs in this game. I have played it a few times and it’s pretty solid and the fact that they throw in guest characters like General Raam is awesome.

Forza Horizon 3: Looks absolutely gorgeous and it is based in Australia, and if you know me personally, then you know how I feel about Australia. It is pretty easy to say that racing games are typically the best looking and this one looks great. It really shows off the power of the new Xbox hardware.

ReCore: No clue what this is but the art style got me hooked. Reminds me of a Borderlands game in with 3rd person playstyle of Lost Planet combining puzzles and platforming. Very interested in seeing more.

Final Fantasy XV: Get fucking hyped guys!!! The playstyle seems very familiar to Kingdom Hearts which is definitely a good step for FF after moving away from strictly turn based combat. The titan fight looks to be on scale with Gaia in God of War3. The quips are a little lame but I guess it fits FF, kinda reminds me of a part full of Wakkas. Would ave liked to see a little more boss progression instead of just fighting arms. Still so ready to get my hands on this game.


The Division: Not a fan of the game and if I had to ask for another “Underground” game I would shoot for another Tony Hawk’s Underground. Shoutout to my cousin Chris, bitch boi.

Battlefield 1: I know only two series that can pull off 64 multiplayer maps and that is Battlefield and Resistance. I am super stoked to see something other than a futuristic shooter. How many AAA 1st person shooter titles let you fight in bi-planes or on horseback?


Xbox live is allowing for background music during gameplay which is a pretty solid addition. Cortana is finally on board. The addition of LFG servers is perfect and eliminates outside forums. This works well in practically any multiplayer game. I am completely sold on the Arena, which is my new GameBattles, so look out for me getting ranked in Gears 4 this year. I may just go undrafter in Gears 2017 but I’m sure I will be signed to a pro team in no time.

Minecraft: Dedicated servers is a necessity for the growth of this game. I actively cringed through the entirety of this showcase, and the guys name was Saxs… low hanging fruit guys.

Inside: I learned absolutely nothing about this game besides it was made by the creators of Limbo. SWEET.

We Happy Few: Wonderful artstyle, and is very reminiscent of bioshock. Unique story with what seems to be solid gameplay. Shows some truly haunting visuals with a very tangible atmosphere. Very excited to see more from this game.


Gwent: I don’t care much for a Witcher card game, but I guess hardcore fans will love it. I figure, why not just play Hearthstone.

Tekken 7: ERRONEOUS!

Dead Rising 4: Probably didn’t need anymore additions tot his series but hey man who doesn’t enjoy killing waves of zombies with a limitless arsenal of weaponry. It looks over the top and kind of like Saints Row 3 at this point so it could be fun.

ScaleBound: Co-op seems cool. The protagonist reminds me of a more angsty Dante from DMC. It also looks like a mix between Lair and Shadow of The Colossus.

Sea of Theives: This game looks fucking unreal. I played enough Ark and love me some pirates as much as I love me some dinosaurs. I still can’t tell what type of multiplayer is it, MMO or dedicated servers. The cell shading artstyle is gorgeous and you can get drunk… I cannot wait for this game.


State of Decay 2: Looks great and a big improvement from the original. I also hope it is multiplayer.

Halo Wars 2: This cinematic trailer was jaw-dropping. Like holy shit man, seriously. I haven’t dabbled in real time strategy games for years but this may bring me back into the fold.

I am also very confused about the whole Xbox One S and the project Scorpio thing. Are they the same or what?

Top 3 Microsoft’s Most Hyped

1. Final Fantasy XV
2. We Happy Few
3. Sea of Thieves
Honorable Mention: Gears of War 4

Let me know who you think won t his console war at E3 this year in the comments in below. I can’t choose…don’t make me choose please.

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