Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion Is Dedicated To One Of My Favorite World of Warcraft Raids Ever

Before I even start this blog, let me just get this out of the way:

Hearthstone’s latest expansion is Murder at Castle Nathria, and is set inside the titular castle and raid from World of Warcraft‘s current expansion – Shadowlands. Castle Nathria was a phenomenal raid, and is one of only a few in recent history that I’ve made outrageous amounts of time to grind through over and over again, simply because the challenge was super enjoyable and it was just that much damn fun.

As with all Hearthstone expansions, however, there’s obviously a somewhat lighthearted twist on the horrors of Castle Nathria, as this set plays out like a murder mystery. It’s Clue meets Warcraft and goddamnit I need it right now.

The set, just like all that have come before it, is packed (get it) with new cards that feature an all-new card type (Location), keyword (Infuse), and legendaries.

Location cards will serve as temporary additions to your board in the game with one-turn cooldowns and diminishing durabilities. Infuse harnesses one of the main currencies from Shadowlands, “Anima”, which is a life energy that makes everything in World of Warcraft’s creatures tick. Infuse cards increase in power and evolve to new stages as other friendly minions die.

Last but not least there’s ten all new Legendary Suspects, one to represent each Hearthstone class. You can earn the Prince Renethal Legendary for free just by logging into the game on August 2nd, and as always there’s a pre-order bundle available for Murder at Castle Nathria that will get you a nice leg up once the set releases.

For more on Hearthstone and the new cards, check out the official site.

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