E3 2020 Cancelled Due To Coronavirus. What Will it Take Next? And is This The Last E3?

Coronovirus has claimed E3 2020. I’m getting real sick of this glorified flu. We’re fucking fine. As long as you’re not old ancient, or a baby, you’re fine.* We played beer pong in asbestos filled basements when we were younger. We licked the railings at the mall, ate left overs that have been in the fridge for a month without realizing. We are bullet proof baby. Have the convention. PAX East was fine. Everyone was cautious, and the sanitation team was playing for the championship.

*I’m not a medical professional.

We’re going fully digital for E3 after this year. I’m saying it now. And I’d guess that majority of major trade events will too. It’s 2020 for god sake. No one wants to leave the house as it is, better yet go to a packed show. It’s been trending in that direction forever, and now that we have a cancellation, it gives everyone some good practice time come June.

Coronavirus has to chill the fuck out. The stock market is in the tubes, my 401k is depressing to look at, conventions are getting cancelled left and right, everywhere is sold out of toilet paper and soap, it’s just pandemonium. And if you think we’re upset now because of E3 being cancelled.. wait until you see the copious amount of game and console delays coming soon. Riots in the street!

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