Bioshock: Isolation Potentially Leaked Ahead of Reveal at The Game Awards

I love leak season.

The Game Awards are right around the corner, and you already know there’s bound to be tons of incredible reveals, premieres, new gameplay, and tons of other excitement to get hyped up about. We can’t be there in person this year, but we’ll be officially costreaming the event once again next week just like we always do. So make sure you get your tux pressed and dry cleaned and get ready for a gala like none other.

Ahead of The Game Awards, though, are some pretty convincing rumors about the future of the Bioshock franchise. Bob shot me a link this morning with somebody on TikTok breaking down these rumors, but as soon as I saw the words “new Bioshock” I opened up 30 tabs and got to investigating whatever might be out there. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

A Man Chooses

Let’s start at the beginning. On November 17th, an account on Twitter named “@OopsLeaks” dropped their very first tweet – alleged info about a new Bioshock title. They said that one of Take-Two’s subsidiary studios, Hangar 13, was initially in charge of development. However, given that another one of H13’s projects wasn’t trending in the right direction and ended up being canceled, they switched responsibilities over to one of their newer teams – Cloud Chamber. OopsLeaks went on to say that the game’s announcement will come “in the next quarter” which could mean Q1 or end of Q4 (which we’re in right now).

What’s more, OopsLeaks dropped a few pretty convincing looking slides that seem to have come from a pitch deck for Bioshock: Isolation, here’s what we’ve got:

Now, a few thoughts here.

The bird and the cage motifs on the first image should immediately be familiar to fans of Bioshock Infinite, and since each game has featured coded parallels and callbacks to every other one, this isn’t surprising at all. The “wealthy aristocratic aboveground versus the dirty tyrannical underground” seems pretty generic as far as Bioshock story standards go, if I’m being honest, but it also is pretty on brand.

Last thing – yes, the logo absolutely sucks. But so did the original Bioshock logo before the game was even announced. This is just a mockup so far, and is every bit as bad and bland as the previous ones.

Would You Kindly Give Me Some More Information

This is basically all we’ve got so far. The rest is lots of conjecture and assumptions based on Cloud Chamber employees’ LinkedIn and Pinterest pages, but if you want to check out the rest of all that – you can go straight to the “source” at OopsLeaks on Twitter. I’m cautiously optimistic that this could be real, but I feel like if this really did have some legs to it, we’d know more already. Having said that, Take-Two has been on an absolute lawsuit rampage lately – so maybe potential leakers have been discouraged by that for fear of repercussions.

If all that isn’t enough for you, just look at it like this. A new Bioshock project was announced as officially in the works on December 9th, 2019. Y’know what’s happening on December 9th of this year? The Game Awards. See you then kids, bring your tinfoil hats.

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