Videogamedunkey and Leahbee Unveil Their Indie Publishing Company, BIGMODE

The title of this blog pretty much says it all already, but for those who don’t like to read things the first time – legendary content creator Videogamedunkey and his wife Leahbee have just announced their very own indie game publishing company, Bigmode.

Dunkey is one of the most recognizable and genuine voices in the gaming space, and has been for years. He’s never shied away from telling viewers exactly how he feels regarding certain trends and genres in gaming, and now he’s putting his money (literally) where his mouth is by helping developers bring their own gaming visions to life.

In the above video, Dunkey recaps his history of a content creator and everything that’s led up to this point. He’s talked about, seen, and played it all, and now he wants a seat at the table to put his stamp on the gaming industry in a completely new way.

Dunkey has already made it clear that no games that feature real-life gambling, NFTs, blockchain technology, or crypto integrations will be considered for partnership, and whichever side of the fence you stand on with those matters – it’s great to see him already drawing boundaries on which games he will and will not get behind.

I look forward to seeing the first publishing deals that BIGMODE enters into, I’m sure whatever they get involved with will truly end up being something special.

Papa Dom

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