I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit

I’m gonna keep this as straightforward as I can, because at this point I’m not sure what else to do. You’re gonna hear me complain about it on the podcast tonight as well, so just buckle up for that. Subscribe to NAGP by the way, thanks so much. Love ya.

Anyhoo, unless you do not frequent Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube Gaming, you probably will have absolutely no fucking clue what this blog is about. In fact, if you’re stumped as to what this blog will cover in the first place, you’re better off just retreating to the homepage and reading about something worthwhile. We’ve got lots of great blogs here on Wicked Good Gaming dot com, and the majority of them are about, y’know, video games.

For the rest of you, let’s start here.

This week on social media, by every conceivable metric, has been absolutely insufferable. The likes of Pokimane, Corinna Kopf, Mizkif, Trainwreck, IcePoseidon, Sliker, Asmongold, and lots of other names that I quite frankly cannot be bothered to look up – have all been going at each others’ throats for days on end. Drama! Clout! Horrible accusations! Millionaires arguing in a public forum for the entertainment(?), consumption, and discussion of the masses! We’ve got all that and more this week folks, and the cherry on top is that Twitch, the world’s largest livestreaming platform, cannot seem to keep it’s own tree branches out of it’s own bike wheels.

At this point, you’re all watching the Bravo network. Twitter’s “gaming and esports” sphere has collided with the “streamers and influencers who make more money than you and don’t know you exist” sphere, so now we’ve got a 24/7 feedback loop of arguments, accusations, and people inserting themselves into conversations that don’t concern them because hey – free clicks!

There is no point to this blog, I just want to complain. See? That’s not so hard to admit!

I feel like Twitter needs a completely separate instance of itself where people who just want to discuss video games can do that. I can’t even frequent most gaming websites or channels on YouTube, because influencer drama has bled over into regular “gaming” coverage. Is nothing sacred!?

There’s simply too many influencers, streamers, and #personalities to mute or keep track of to reasonably avoid the bullshit that floods our timelines on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll just retreat to my gaming-centric group chats and Discords. Maybe I’ll live like a hermit and move up to the mountains where I don’t have to engage with social media whatsoever anymore. Perhaps I’ll work on inventing a time machine, this way the only method of learning about video game news was via the most recent issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly and GamePro in the magazine aisle of the supermarket while my mom shopped for groceries – and the only forum for discussion was the school lunch table.

Fuck it, anybody got a Ventrilo server that I can get an invite to?

I’m so tired of this shit.

Papa Dom

Co-founder, lead blogger, graphic designer, and manager of WGG's writing team - Dom has been writing about video games for over ten years. Dom's work has been featured on some of the world's biggest gaming news outlets - including Dexerto, GameInformer, and IGN.

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