Fans Receive First Snapshot of Dr. Disrespect’s DEADROP PvP This Week

Folks, you know me. You know I’m a man of integrity. You know I’d never lie to you. Both my fantasy teams lost this week, my real life football team shit down their leg too, so there’s honestly not a whole lot to smile about. I’ve had a dozen or so drinks, and that’s making today’s L’s slightly more palatable, but by and large – this Sunday has stunk.

That is, unless, you’re a DEADROP founder (like me). Midnight Society, the studio headed up by Dr. Disrespect and CoD veteran Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, has dropped its first sneak peek at PvP for all 10,000 founders. DEADROP’s “Proving Ground” mode “marks the first time a AAA studio gave its audiences direct access to a project in the earliest stages of development” according to Midnight Society, and enable early adopters to provide valuable feedback to Midnight Society about where the game is at and what direction it should be heading in.

This is what it’s all about. This is why we founded this studio. There’s something so beautiful about identifying what works and what doesn’t before you’ve committed years to a game feature. Our community is locked in, and feedback from the first Snapshot was incredibly insightful. This is what we’ve all been waiting for – multiplayer – and it’s only getting better from here.

Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, via official Midnight Society press releaseI

If you’ve read this website for any amount of time, you know Papa loves his lore. So if you’re curious about DEADROP’s lore, here you go:

The year is 2020.b

40 years into the Climate Wars, population and pollution levels skyrocket. Cities erect massive REFINER STATES – mega structures built to extract toxins from the stratosphere. These towers are self-governed “city-states” with only one export – SPACE DUST. A concentrate from the refined pollutants is bricked, cut, and sold to an addicted populous of the sprawling urban cities surrounding the structure.

Once Government-owned facilities, the lucrative ‘DUST’ trade has now led to the forced occupation of the REFINER STATES by competing factions fighting for control of the towers and the resources inside.

These factions, made up of Skins and Syns, compete against the occupying force of Cleaners who operate the Refiner State in a never-ending struggle for resources and gear.

I’m in.

Not only is Midnight Society giving fans an unprecedented perspective into how development for DEADROP is going, but we’ve got a fat amount of lore to play off of as well? You love to fucking see it.

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