Master Chief is on a Collision Course With Atriox, Leader of the Banished Brutes in ‘Halo Infinite’

In an absolutely chilling teaser today from the official Halo Twitter account, we hear an ominous voice that seems to be hinting at the antagonists, and their goals, in Halo Infinite.

In this audio “signal”, a rather driven-sounding voice preaches about “The Banished”, and being the “legacy” and “will” of some leader. But who are The Banished, and who is their leader?

First seen in Halo Wars 2 (which takes place just after Halo 5), The Banished are a Covenant splinter group, who formed around their leader Atriox near the end of the Covenant War. Tired of being sent on suicide missions and losing his fellow Brutes, Atriox rose up, raised an army, and assembled a war machine that even the Covenant – at their full power – could not stop. Check out this cinematic from Halo Wars 2 for his full origin story.

So you might be thinking to yourself, damn – this is one bad motherfucker. But those are just Elites! Chief should put this guy in the dirt no problem, right? Not so fast. Atriox is well aware of the Spartans (or Demons, as the Covenant once called them), and once crumpled up an entire team of Spartan-II’s like a ball of aluminum foil.

Yeah. Not good. Atriox has fought Spartans before… But as The Arbiter once said, we’re not just talking about any Spartan here – we’re talking about the Spartan. John-117. The Master Chief.

We’ll certainly learn more in the next Xbox’s presser (currently slated for July), and it looks like we’ll be going toe-to-toe with the baddest Brute in Halo history when Halo Infinite drops this Holiday.

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