Nintendo Just Dropped A New Animal Crossing Commercial.. And It’s Beautiful

Nintendo you know all the right things to do… When it comes to feeding me more content for Game of The Year 2020, also known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that is.. Nintendo gave us a beautiful commercial today and I’m literally now counting the days until March 20th (46) – so I can hang out on my island, and make that mob boss Tom Nook’s time a living hell.

A game for all ages. Mom can’t even put the game down. My girl is having her morning coffee and going ham trying to catch butterflies. THE GRIND DON’T STOP. Red Snappers don’t sleep so why should I? What a flex in this commercial though. Multiple Switches in the same house? Monayyyy. I’ll see ya’ll on March 20th at the KK Slider concert. It’s gonna be so lit omg.

Edit: I just remembered you can only have one island per Switch. So not much of a flex. More of a necessity to have multiple

I feel bad dropping porn on your screen but I can’t help it. Here.

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