Los Angeles Guerrillas Lock-In First – CDL Rostermania

Every year after the Call of Duty Championship, the scene erupts into “rostermania”. It has been died down quite a bit due to the franchising of the esport, but back in the day it was the wild wild west. People feared to go on any sort of vacation for they knew many would try & pull a fast one to secure a better spot for the new game. Now there’s a lot of rumors flying around with OpTic/Envy, Dylan Envoy, teams fully rebuilding, etc., but we have have news out from La La Land as the ink has dried. The Los Angeles Guerrillas have formed their new roster for the 2022 CDL Season.

LAG snag 4 players off of 3 different organizations, Huke & Slasher being on LA Thieves together. Initial thoughts of this roster is a lot of upward potential. You have Slasher who’s been dominating headglitches for almost a decade. A world champion from BO3 & almost again in IW the following year. Huke’s a freak of nature on the sticks. Whether it’s Halo or CoD, he finds you in his sights its the same ending. A world champion from MW19 in the first year of franchising. Gunless has been around awhile, gaining his rise from IW to propell him to eUnited early on in the game where he earned his first tournament MVP along with his first LAN Championship. The following year he’d dominate WW2 on Rise Nation winning 3 LANs(2 with Slasher) & be the favorites heading into Champs. Asim rounds out the roster as an aggressive entry submachine gun player. From fighting in the pits, to landing a spot on FaZe’s main roster in BO4, to being a one-man battering ram the past 2 seasons in the CDL. He’s improved every year & looks to continue his excellence in the sunny skies of Los Angeles. All 4 could be the missing pieces needed to secure the Guerrillas a slice of the pie this upcoming season.

Looking into the dynamics of the team, Slasher is obviously the main AR here. You have Asim on sub. Can probably add Huke there as well. Gunless can be that nice flex for the 3rd sub / 2nd AR for more open maps. Regardless, all four have the accolades & the gunskill to really be a force to be reckoned with. Out of game dynamics might be in question a little bit in regards to Slasher/Huke/LAThieves and the 9? roster moves made last season, but I’m sure these guys are all looking forward to a fresh new start entering Call of Duty Vanguard.

Speaking quickly on the former LAG roster(Assault, Silly, Apathy, MentaL, Cheen), I think the online aspect really held these guys back. We saw it in Minnesota during the 2020 Season where Assault & Silly were a top6 team on LAN & plummeted when COVID struck. They stayed in Minnesota while the majority of teams traveled south to Texas for better connectivity. Again this year, the team(to my knowledge) all stayed in Los Angeles while majority went to Texas for the online season. I know Assault did have some physical limitations as well throughout the year, but still pushed through every match. Would love the Human Turret continue to find success in the game of Call of Duty. Hopefully we’re getting closer to stable LAN tournaments whether that be with or without fans.

And there you have it, the new line up for the Los Angeles Guerrillas looking to make some waves in the 2022 Season(pending league approval). I wish I could say it’d be hard to improve, but LAG have posted minimal success in the first 2 seasons(11-12 & 11th) so *shrugs*.


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