Xbox Series X Showcase Event

We did it again. We somehow coordinated all of us being available to do a live reaction of today’s Xbox Series X Showcase Event. Your favorite Degenerate Journalists aka Your Internet Dads revved up the Xbox livestream and got some genuine reactions. As per their latest announcements, we get to look forward to ALL of these games coming to Xbox GamePass, which is huge. There was a lot to look forward to, so take a look and see if the Xbox Series X Showcase stood up to par with the PS5 Reveal Event.

Overall, the event was average. Halo Infinite looks like more updated Halo which is a good thing, however, the graphical fidelity seemed somewhat outdated (Bob’s Opinion). There was a good amount of filler in the middle, Microsoft really missed the ball with no HellBlade 2 gameplay, but hooked us back in with a few of their other titles. Needless to say the biggest announcement IMO was hands down Fable. I called it in Episode 188 of Not Another Gaming Podcast, I quite literally stated facts that nobody knew ahead of time. Fable is coming back, it appears to be a reboot of the franchise, so let’s see how much more I got right in the future. Let us know how you felt about the Xbox Series X Showcase and if you’re looking forward to any of the games shown off today.

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