Twitch Streamers Getting Perma Banned Over Copyrighted Music

Twitch made a statement at 12:40 (EST) last night about an influx of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA ) notices that they are starting to get on Twitch clips going back to 2017. And long story short, creators on the platform are more confused than anything else. This is because it seems that if a streamer gets three strikes on their channel, their account will be permanently banned.

Steamer Fuslie took to Twitter to show her frustration and is pretty much begging for any information on this after receiving two copyright strikes on clips that were over a year old.

Listen I get it, but this isn’t the best way to handle things. As someone who has gotten my dick kicked in via DMCA’s on Twitter, I get the severity of it. And that’s just one social platform. Not my livelihood. But when this is just randomly enforced by Twitch it gets you a little nervous. Because if you are someone who worked your ass off to get your break on Twitch, that means you probably have thousands of clips.

You’re playing games, listening to music you enjoy – and boom a clip you forgot about from 2017 gets dinged. And before you know it the channel you spent that last 5 years building is gone. That’s fucking scary.

And what about rhythm games? Those are just gone from the platform now?

I don’t know man. All I know is these clips have to go somewhere. And that somewhere will be YouTube. Why not consolidate all your stuff there as well as your live stream….

Editors Note:

Looks like we’re just getting started with this and it’ll only get worse.

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