It’s Monday and I’m Playing Palworld

As the title says, this is being written on a Monday. I installed Palworld via GamePass last night and found that it’s several versions behind the Steam version. So what did I do this morning instead of waiting for them to update it like a financially responsible adult? I bought it on Steam, with apparently over 5 million other people!

Palworld is Ark: Survival Evolved but with Pokemon

Where the hell did this game come from? I remember seeing trailers years ago and saying “Oh my god they made Pokemon Gun real!” then laughing in horror as small adorable creatures on assembly lines started making AR-15s. This game was destroying records left and right all weekend. Shattering numbers in real-time as I watched Twitter last weekend with a beer in my opposite hand.

The reveal Trailer in question

They Made Pokemon Gun Real and Everyone Loves It

Palworld is now the 3rd most-played Steam game of all time. With PUBG and CS2 sweating on the top spots ahead of it. As I write this over 1.4 million people are playing Palworld just on Steam. Remember when I mentioned that this is on a Monday morning? That is unreal. I expect lil’ ol World of Pals to shatter PUBG numbers by the end of next weekend.

Palworld shown breaking records

Now there’s some discourse on Twitter about Palworld using AI to make assets in their game. I’ve seen a lot of info go both ways. So once I narrow down the facts expect an article by me on that soon. For now, enjoy this blog-style post with a review in progress coming on top of that.

Did I mention you can capture humans in this game too? Wild!


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