Fortnite Pro Benjyfishy Gets Players At $250k Dreamhack LAN Disqualified

GG to Benjyfishy who shed a little light on two players “Shadoxxx” and “Stele98” – who were teaming at the $250k Dreamhack Winter event which lead to their disqualification.

I’ve never been the type to promote, or condone snitching – but I think in this case I would sing like a bird. Especially after the mayhem that was caused in the World Cup when XXiF and Ronaldo were bopped for teaming. It’s up to a reputable pro like Benjyfishy to make a point – and as a bystander called them out.

It’s inevitable that kids are going to make stupid decisions and especially in the Fortnite scene we’ve seen it time and time again. You could even say their stupidity can be brought out quicker because of the money and fame they’re able to achieve so quickly in these esports skreets. And after doing some digesting of the Jarvis situation, and then seeing these kids cheat in a quarter of a million dollar tournament, I think the roles should be reversed. These kids should be banned forever for trying to fuck people out of hard earned tournament money and then slapped with a theft charge. And it’s not a small amount. It’s 250k – which is like… a shit ton of money. Like.. enough money that would make you never be able to look at me the same.

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