Epic Games Being Sued Because Fornite is as Addictive as Cocaine

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all.. This week, Epic Games – the creators of Fortnite were accused of creating a game that’s too addictive and has the same effects as snorting cocaine, in a Canadian class-action lawsuit. This legal notice has been filed in Quebec on behalf of two kids who’ve been “addicted to the game since it came out”.

The legal notice states that the game triggers the release of dopamine, which is a reward neurotransmitter in the brain. It’s also stated that the game is designed to be addictive, and game mechanics are designed in such a way that makes people dependent on playing. These are similar to the mechanics used by Casinos to get gamblers hooked on slot machines, says the lawsuit.


What a comparison. Fortnite and cocaine. One of them makes you want to sit on your ass for hours on end and grub out on some take out. And the other makes you not want to eat, and run as fast as you can at a brick wall. I guess the only comparison is that you’ll have a tough time sleeping if you get into both of them.

3 Hours on Fortnite :/

There’s something like this coming out more often than I’d like to see. First it’s loot boxes, and now it’s just… really enjoying the game? No one makes you download and play these games, and no one is making you buy these loot boxes. Just like no one forces you to a casino and forces you to lose every dollar you have on a penny slot machine. If you don’t have enough self control to be able to not blow your whole paycheck on virtual items, and if you don’t have the capacity to balance life and a video game, maybe you shouldn’t touch them in the first place. Or at least get dumb good at the game so you can go pro and shut everyone up.

What a move though. Being so bad at a game you get pissed off and sue because you’re addicted, put in an absurd amount of time, and still suck. Chase that bag boys, chase that bag.

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