Astralis Dominate Blast Pro Series 2019 Bahrain

Tell me if you’ve ever heard this headline before, “Team Liquid will take on Astralis in the Grand Final of (insert tournament here)”. It’s been happening every other tournament all throughout 2019 and I’m getting fucking sick of it. I support plenty of teams in professional CS:GO but every single tournament I watch Liquid stomp their way to the Grand Final just to come up against the brick Danish wall that is Astralis. I simply cannot root for Astralis. They’re the most dominant team in Counter Strike history, they win too much, and they all look like villains from a Die Hard movie. On top of all of this, in every post final interview, they’re humble….. I want to hear you be the bad guys. I want to watch Dupreeh Stone Cold two Coors Lites telling the audience his clutch percentages are unparalleled. Or Dev1ce shit talk to opposing AWPer on the other team they just dismantled.

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Astralis cruised their way through the upper bracket of Blast Pro Series, while Liquid had to battle their way back up to the Final from being knocked into the lower bracket. Everytime these teams match up against one another it always ends up the same. Liquid picks Inferno, Astralis picks Nuke and then it usually never matters what the 3rd map is because Astralis 2-0’s them. Liquid struggled to get anything going on T side on Inferno, getting picked apart by utility down Banana every round. They couldn’t get anything going until they swapped to CT, but they dug themselves too deep in the hole the first half and ultimately gave up their first map pick to Astralis. Map 2 took them to Nuke, which is arguably one of Astralis’ best maps in their pool with really only MouseSports showing any competitive promise. It was rinse and repeat from Inferno. Liquid needed to pick 10 or 11 rounds on CT to make the game close, but could only get 8. Astralis just abused the over confidence and fast plays put on by Liquid, while also punishing every time Liquid decided to slow things down. In the future, can we just not let these teams play each other anymore. Give me another North American team like Evil Geniuses up against The Great Danes. Or even better, give me MouseSports, my favorite team at the moment up against Astralis again. Shout out to Astralis…I guess. Congrats on winning yet another title, can’t wait for Bruce Willis to show up at the next major wearing a Liquid jersey for some intimidation factor.

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