Mixer Partner Gets Stripped Partnership After Bonehead Sex Offender Joke

Harrison “HarrisonJr” Patrick Stewart, is a Mixer streamer, and has been since 2017. HarrisonJr’s has been stripped of his partnership, past broadcasts have been deleted, his view count wiped out, and his headline just reads “I’m sorry”. This all comes after a very poor joke. If you can even call it a joke? About being a sex offender and playing Fornite with 10 year olds.

HarrisonJr has since then tweeted statements and apology videos.

I understand cracking a joke that hovers on the edge of maybe being too much. But this isn’t even close to being one of those jokes. It’s clearly completely out of line and is nothing to joke about. Do people fuck up? Absolutely. But does that make things ok? Definitely not. And does reading a robotic apology change peoples minds about what they think about what you did? Maybe, but not everyone. Joking about being a sex offender, and playing Fornite with 10 year olds doesn’t have a drop of humor in it. So big, big swing and a miss.

I’d also like to point out what a viewer of his said on Twitter.

While we can’t see this VOD because they were all deleted- if this stands true then that’s disgusting. And not to mention insulting to the people he’s trying to convince he’s sorry to.

I see this being another Alinity type situation. Where regardless of how strong the streamer tries to be to power through, their mistakes are not something they’ll ever escape.

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