I Drank a Sober Energy Drink For The First Time in a Long Time Yesterday and Felt Like I Was on Drugs

“Chris this is a video game blog.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. But energy drinks and video games go hand and hand. It’s a known thing. Snacks, caffeine and hours behind a screen (bars). It’s what we do.

But yes, I had an energy drink yesterday. With no booze in it. No vodka Red Bull like I’m trying to cause a scene out on the town. Simply, a sober Monster, just so I could wake the fuck up and not fall asleep at 3 PM. And maybe prep myself to play Valorant until 2 AM.. Just maybe.

I cracked it open, and slugged it. Like, SLUGGED it. You would have thought someone was going to steal it from me. It actually tasted pretty good. Better than I remembered. Now, it was time to wait and see if this jolt in a can could wake me up.

Kroger - Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drink, 16 fl oz

I could tell something was happening immediately. It was like I injected it right into my veins. My eyes shot open, my head was itching, my leg was bouncing, and my hands were shaking. What have I done to myself? My hands were too shaky to even play video games. But boy was I awake. I could have ran to Florida, but the speed limit is 65 and I can’t afford the ticket. I contemplated learning how to do the Renegade. I fucking looked up acoustic guitar prices. I was on one.

Around 7 PM I crashed, hard. I borderline got depressed. It was like I was just woke up after a night of rolling at an EDM concert. Just post buzz depression. I decided to curl into bed, and get a good night sleep.

In short, I felt like I was on speed. Maybe I shouldn’t have chugged it? Maybe I should only drink one when I actually have shit to do and am not quarantined? I have a lot of testing to do. But i’m looking forward to it, because what a rush.

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