Monster Hunter Killed My Character and Palico

If you don’t follow @WickedGoodGames on Twitter than you might not have noticed the on going war I am currently in the middle of with Capcom. I previously praised Monster Hunter World as being my Game of the Year for 2018. 120 or so hours were poured into every inch of that game for me and my over sized dinosaur ass looking monster hunting crew. We did every hunt that came out, I maxed out 5 different weapon trees and had the majority of the gear I could have ever wanted. Then other games came out, I got a PS4 and needed to play other incredible titles like Spider Man, God of War and Bloodbourne. A year and a half pass and the huge new IceBorne expansion for MHW is finally being released on PC. The SQUAD was ready to hunt some fucking monsters. The expansion drops, I hail mary 40$ off of Capcom’s forehead and my fucking Save Data got corrupted.

After an entire week, Capcom acknowledged that a segment of their Monster Hunter PC player base is literally not able to play their game without fully starting over. When the Failed to Read Save Data message pops up, if you press Yes I am pretty sure the game converts your old save file into a newer, now unreadable version the game cannot launch. So if your save data wouldn’t load and pressed Yes and the error message you are basically shit out of luck unless Capcom finds a way to revert the changes data into its previous format. According to Capcom, they are currently working on a fix, but I don;t have my hopes up. I’ve been saying Capcom has been making an absolute dominating resurgence lately with huge releases, but they are starting to lose my faith. I JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME.

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