BREAKING: EA Confirms Star Wars: Squadrons, Announces Trailer Date

Based on a quickly-removed splash page on, EA’s newest foray into their hotly-debated monopoly on the Star Wars license is Star Wars: Squadrons. This was, just now, confirmed in a tweet from EA’s official Star Wars account.

Between the title and tagline “Pilots wanted.”, one could safely assume that this game is an all-new space combat-focused title. While the art itself solely lends attention to the Original Trilogy era, there’s no real information one way or the other if that’ll be the only era “Squadrons” explores.

“Squadrons” actually leaked back in March on PlayStation Network, but was titled “Project Maverick” (ships… fighter pilots… Mavericks… think Top Gun), and has been reported to be in development by EA Motive, a smaller EA studio based in Montreal, Canada.

Last year brought us Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the greatest Star Wars games I’ve ever played, and my favorite game of 2019. EA’s already cultivated lots of good faith last year with me and other fans – let’s hope Squadrons doubles down on this and is truly something special.

The reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons drops this Monday, June 15th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, right here:

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