Nintendo Offers “A Peek” at the Pokémon 25th Anniversary Event at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are already pretty infamous for hollow teases and non-answers, and yesterday was no different.

While we didn’t necessarily expect anything, we were still given a quick tease at Pokémon’s upcoming 25th Anniversary celebrations, which Nintendo confirmed will kick off next year.

Here’s a couple of dancing Pikachu to seal the deal.

What else do we know? Nothing, really. But it’s been a pretty big year for Pokémon in general. GO is still booming, Sword & Shield are doing well, Pokémon TCG cards are all the rage once again, and it seems like the brand is still just as relevant as ever since Red & Blue first came out in 1996.

The Pokémon brand certainly is as strong as ever, but if Nintendo or The Pokémon Company could like… Be a little more transparent as they go into their quarter-centennial… That’d be great.

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