Xbox Game Pass Comes Out Of The Box With Samsung’s New 2022 Smart TVs

The future is now, old man.

This month, Microsoft and Samsung are launching the next chapter in their partnership, with their 2022 line of Smart TVs. The units will come out of the box with the all-new Xbox TV app, which will give gamers access to Xbox Cloud’s gaming services and put an insane amount of gaming potential at their fingertips… All with no additional hardware required (y’know, except a controller).

Microsoft’s game streaming resolution will run at 1080p at 60fps, and will joined by future hardware accessories created by Microsoft to plug into monitors and TVs that don’t natively feature the Xbox TV app.

I can confidently tell you that if you hopped in a time machine and told 10 year old Dom about this, he’d absolutely first of all scream that a stranger claiming to be from the future was talking to him, but secondly wouldn’t believe you for a millisecond. Xbox has been making leaps and bounds with their digital game delivery services, and it feels like just months ago that they first announced Xcloud for Android and iOS.

As someone who has a Samsung smart TV in their living room, I’m pretty pumped at the potential to see the Xbox Cloud app pop up one of these days soon. No word just yet on when that’ll happen, but Xbox says they’ll be bringing the app to Samsung TVs first – and then to other smart TV brands.

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