CSGO Player Has Car Drive Into His House While on Stream

It was just a normal night for Twitch streamer, Stattik . Ripping a little Counter Strike with the boys. Jokes are being cracked, the banter is happening, and all is right in the world at this time. Well, that’s until a fucking car drives into your house during the twelfth round on Overpass.

When it comes to video games, there is raging.. and then there is Counter Strike raging. My desk shivers in fear whenever CSGO is launched on my computer. It just knows it is in for the beaten of a lifetime. If a car decided to welcome itself into the side of my house during a match, I think it’s the last you’d ever see of me. I don’t know what I’d do. I’d either be in jail, or dead. Making the driver back out and do it again with me standing in the way. Sure you can get it fixed through insurance, but what about the money you just spent on the AWP and full utility? Total waste of coin that can throw off the whole flow of the half.

Ironically, and luckily, the team was to find a substitute with the name “Door Stuckers” – which had nothing to do with the incident that just happened, and more because of the classic CS stuck door video. They went on to win the match for Stattik and the hole that was once his front door.

Broken wall of house with bricks on the ground after a car hit CSGO streamer's house
Car with damage to front and police at the scene

Everyone is ok that was involved, and the driver says he will pay for the damages.

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