World of Warcraft Launches Free “Welcome Back Weekend” Today

With the new Shadowlands expansion just over two weeks away, Blizzard has announced a “Welcome Back Weekend” for returning World of Warcraft players, encouraging them to hop back into the game for a few days at no charge.

On their official blog, the WoW team entices fans to return to the legendary MMO in hopes of getting them hooked just before the new expansion drops. The article includes a few tips on logging back into your account (in case its been a while, and offers a glimpse at the new starting experience for those interested in rolling new characters.

To paraphrase one of the greatest movie scenes of all time: they know exactly what they’re doing.

Look at World of Warcraft, lotioning and oiling, oiling and lotioning! Just dangling itself out there and waiting for you to jump back in, just so you can find yourself drowning in the community pool of daily quests and rep grinds once again. It’s a brilliant, diabolical, absolutely genius move… And I already fell for it.

I’m stoked for Shadowlands. My hype was pretty much on the floor for the last few months, but I’ve now given in and can’t wait to see what Blizzard’s had in the oven for us.

Papa Dom

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