Dr. Disrespect is Taking a Break From Streaming

Winner of the coveted Streamer of the Year award at the Game Awards 2017, Dr. Disrespect took to his internet platforms to let out his pent up demons of infidelity to the masses.  Guy Beahm who plays the twitch and Youtube character of Dr. Disrespect is one of the biggest names in gaming right now, streaming for sure.  He came out of his own accord to announce that he cheated on his wife and he is devastated by his own actions, apologizing to his wife, kids, family, friends, colleagues, and sponsors for what he has done.  Just a heads up it’s kind of tough to watch.

I will be the first one here to say, NONE OF US CONDONE WHAT HE DID.  Being a guy whose been through the fucking ringer with women in every negative way imaginable, including being cheated on several times over, what he did was wrong.  However, it takes a whole lot to come out to your entire audience and put every bit of it on the table for the world to see, and I can respect that.  Guy is clearly broken over the mistake that he has made and it seems like he absolutely cares about his family so hopefully beyond the scope of his streaming capabilities, there are some real life repercussions coming his way.  Maybe no more mustache rides for a few months.  I think Dr. Disrespect will bounce back from this and it would be nice for his personal family life to take some precedence over his career so things can work out.  To me it just seems like he is a guy who got in over his head with his internet fame and let the celebrity status get to him.  I know someone who would be able to handle it…, your favorite degenerate doctor journalist, Dr. Bob.  Let me know down in the comments what you think about Dr. Disrespect’s actions and how he came out with the news, and let me know if i, Dr. Bob should take over as the new big streaming doctor.

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