WoW’s Free ‘The Great Push’ Tournament Gives Amateurs and Pros Alike A Shot At $20,000

World of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) tournament is well underway for the year, but Blizzard has announced a separate – one-off tournament that’s free for absolutely anyone to enter.

Typically, the MDI focuses on teams attempting to beat their opponents’ dungeon time, but this tournament – known as The Great Push – focuses on teams pushing keys as high as they can to outlast their competitors. Did I mention that there’s $20,000 on the line?

The Proving Ground Qualifiers will take place on May 22-23. Registrants will be given two random dungeon keystone combos, and must push to the highest difficulty they can. The top six will be invited to the official Great Push tournament the following weekend.

Once there, the remaining six teams will battle through various Shadowlands Dungeons to push their keys and scores as high as possible. The winning team with the highest overall dungeon score will be crowned the champions, winning twenty grand in the process.

The Great Push will be broadcast live just like the normal MDI, giving tons of teams around the world who otherwise would’ve never seen the spotlight a shot at notoriety. There are no pre-requisites required to play in the tournament at all, so we could see some future MDI competitors born in this tournament, which is really exciting stuff.

If you’ve got a team, you can enter The Great Push right here. Signups close on May 15th.

…Should WGG field a team for this? Haha just kidding………. Unless……………

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