LoL: Galio Rework Teaser

How many people here have watched the critically acclaimed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ripoff, yet still amazing in it’s own right, show Gargoyles?  If you haven’t, tell your significant other you can’t see them for a few weeks and watch it all.  Well the Gargoyle of Summoner’s Rift is finally getting his rework and the gameplay teaser just dropped and you can check it out here.  I wanna give a shoutout to the Youtuber League content creator and streamer RedMercy, his video was the first I came across with his reactions to it.

So first of all, Galio went from looking like the Youtube Water Bottle Slaying Samurai Will Keith, to looking like a finely polished slab of granite that wants to kick your ass and take your girlfriend out to dinner after.  Honestly though, this is now rivaling the Sion rework with visual updates alone.  Beyond looking like a smoothly finished and handsome warmachine, we get a brief insight into his new abilities, which look fucking phenomenal.

The first ability shown off in the teaser seems to be a sort of dash, crowd control ability which reminds me of say a Quinn Vault, except instead of bouncing back off of the enemy champion you knock them up into the air briefly.  To me it seems like the love child of Quinn’s Vault and Vi’s ultimate Assault and Battery, however I think it will be more of a lined skillshot.   The next ability we get a look at is pretty much…to make a Pokemon reference, Galio Used Gust.  He elevates into the air and flaps his glorious wings to send a gust of wind into what I imagine to be a circular area, similar to his current Q ability, Resolute Smite.  However with the wing flapping animations, it may be a combination of his Q ability area of effect with his E ability Righteous Gust.  It may even be a lined skillshot like his E, and as you can see in the teaser it knocks DOWN the enemy champion, which I can’t think off the top of my head any champions in the game having a Knock Down, so this could be a first for the Rift.  So what I am picturing here is this ability being a lined skillshot what either at the end of its cast range, or when it comes into contact with an enemy champion, knocks them down.  Probably the most notable change to his kit is his new ultimate, in which we leaps into the air and lands in a target location, most likely after a short duration, dealing damage and knocking all enemies back.  If anyone is familiar with Smite, it looks to be like a Thor ultimate.  If you aren’t familiar with Smite, imaging a Pantheon ultimate with a knockback.

All in all, this rework looks like it could be one of the best ones yet, sorry Sion.  However, we haven’t had the chance to see his last ability or his passive.  In my opinion, the new Galio won’t be like the old, anti-mage midlaner anymore.  I am picturing him to most likely venture into the Top lane, with his ultimate roaming ability, Support with all of the crowd control he can bring to the table, or maybe even the Jungle with what seems to be a dash knock up and a ranged knock down making ganks relatively easy for him.  As per every champion rework, I just bought the old Galio last week to get my hands on the out dated kit before the new one comes in, because I like to be that guy in League who has played every champion, with reworks in all at least once.  So tell me what you guys think about the new Galio rework in the comments.  Where do you think he will most likely end up? What do you think his builds will be?  Should Riot just stick to the old kit…….nope we know the answer to that one.


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