Elder Scrolls Online ‘Summerset’ Expansion Finally Brings Us To The Home of the High Elves

I love the Elder Scrolls games, and one of the biggest reasons why is that they have mastered character identity. The majority of RPGs today (especially MMOs) are just finding out on their third or fourth installment or expansion how to make the player really feel like the character they’re playing as, but The Elder Scrolls has been putting on a clinic in this very subject for a long, long time. That tradition continues in ESO’s newest expansion: Summerset.

Summerset brings us to the ancestral home of those snobby prick bastard High Elves (also known as Altmer), who all of a sudden are opening their gates to foreigners because they need our help. Well, listen here pal – I’m not quite sure I wanna help. I feel like 9/10 times that I’ve played an Elder Scrolls title, there’s been some crafty, conniving Altmer pulling the strings, and at this point if I see a nicely-dressed High Elf standing too close to a position of power, I start sweating bullets and hovering my finger over the right trigger of my Xbox controller.


See what I did right there? I just explained how I’m literally paranoid of a fictional walk of life in a fictional world. My characters have been fucked over so many times by High Elves, that I don’t feel comfortable around them. That is how good the character and roleplaying identity is in The Elder Scrolls: Online, and that’s why you’re gonna want to follow my lead and snag Summerset when it drops.

Not only does Summerset take us to a never-before-seen area in the Elder Scrolls world (broken down into six new zones), but it introduces Jewelry Crafting, a whole new storyline, new dungeons, delves, and an all new Public Challenge. Last but not least, you’ll also get the opportunity to join the Psijic Order, one of the most mysterious factions in the entire Elder Scrolls canon. I’m pumped.

ESO: Summerset is coming on June 5th for Xbox One and PS4, and May 21st for PC/Mac. For more Degenerate Journalism, follow us on Twitter and smash that subscribe button on Twitch. Also, buy a shirt at the official WGG Shop right here!

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