Where is Jake Lucky Going Next? (A WGG Investigative Report)

Esports Talk saw a sizable departure a few days ago, which included the exit of their most recognizable on-camera and social media talent, Hunter and Jake (I’m on a first-name basis with them, so I don’t have to use last names. Also, I don’t know Hunter’s last name. Furthermore, I don’t even know if “Lucky” is Jake’s real last name).

Mr. Lucky, an up-and-coming esports apparel model, has had numerous people asking what his next move could entail. Even Hunter got in on the action, and seems to be ready to offer what his (their?) next move will be.

Since I don’t like to leave things up to chance, and since it’s my duty to deliver the most hard-hitting gaming journalism possible at all times, I’ve taken the liberty of investigating where Jake might end up next. If any of these are right, all outlets that report it actually legally need to credit me in any announcement blogs. Those are the rules, I asked my dad.

Midnight Society

The on-again-off-again internet courtship between Jake and Herschel¬†“Guy” Beahm IV, occasionally known as Dr. Disrespect, is well documented. Jake frequently covered The Two-Time’s moves for Esports Talk, and Doc has returned the attention in like kind by adorning him with pet names such as “Jakey Pooh Sucky Lucky Pooh Bear”. When you talk about relationship goals, it can’t get much better than this.

Doc was one of the first to slide into Jake’s mentions shortly after announcing his departure, and clearly both are familiar with the others’ resume and style. In all seriousness, this might be the best possible fit for Jake, and could very well result in the biggest paycheck… That is, if you don’t count…

Wicked Good Gaming

Is this a leak? On a blog that I’m actually writing on our website? Maybe, no comment, but no. Not really. Truth is, Jake used to come around way more often. He’s pop up on the podcast, sometimes shirtless, crush 20 seltzers, and talk with us about anything and everything. We used to even get late-night FaceTime calls to digitally drink with our pals Jake and Hunter through the magic of the internet. That hasn’t happened in a while. Is it because we’re waiting for the ink to dry before announcing anything official? Maybe. Maybe not.

If Jake wants to get paid in old Bud Lights and Marb Reds, he knows who to call.


I got nothing for this one, but I just searched “Upcomer Jake Lucky” on Twitter and found this. Boom, investigated.

Something Entirely New

The truth of the matter is that Jake, Hunter, and perhaps some other former Esports Talk members could be up to something new entirely. In the clip above (from the #1 gaming podcast on the internet, Not Another Gaming Podcast), Jake talks about how it’s a shame we don’t see more money thrown around to independent gaming reporters to really get a grassroots push going for more people to break into the industry. Perhaps Jake found some of that money, and perhaps he’s planning on Venmo’ing me half of it to take this blog down. Or perhaps he’s going to…

Keemstar accuses Esports Talk host 'Jake Lucky' of being an industry plant

Drama Alert

I know what you’re thinking – “Dom, this almost makes too much sense. A baby could’ve written a blog on this!” and I know, you’re right. But hear me out. Just like the inverse of his relationship with Dr. Disrespect, Jake Lucky and Keemstar being at odds has been a nearly constant theme over the last few years. Jake “The Industry Plant” Lucky may have pulled one over on us by feigning this feud the entire time, all the while helping Drama Alert to beef up it’s numbers by creating – you guessed it – drama. Is your brain leaking out of your ears yet? Great. I’ll give you a second to shovel everything back in.

In Conclusion

Jake Lucky on Twitter: "Welcome @HUN2R to Esports Talk. Excited to make  content with you and continue the dream." / Twitter

Whatever the future holds, any org, outlet, team, clothing brand, or local news station will be incredibly fortunate to have Jake and/or Hunter on their team. Is their next move happening together? I hope so. If not, I’m confident both of them have incredibly bright futures ahead regardless. You’d be hard pressed to find more genuine, caring, honest, and trustworthy guys in all of esports and beyond – and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Papa Dom

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