5 Video Game Inspired Drinks That Could Ruin Your Night.. Quick

If you have learned anything about us so far, you should know that we are very passionate about our booze, and our video games. They are like Matt and Jeff Hardy, burger and fries. After doing a little browsing around I found some boozy drinks, inspired by video games that will put some hair on your chest, put a stumble in your step, put your head in the toilet.

Fatman(Fallout 3 Cocktail)


-3/4 shot Spiced Rum

-1/4 shot Cinnamon Whiskey

-1 shot Vanilla Vodka

-6 shots Dr. Pepper


I love Dr. Pepper getting thrown into this drink, it shows creativity and guts. All of these other drinks just sell out and throw Coca-Cola on top because they know at some point everything is going to taste like water. Dr. Pepper mixed with the spiced rum would taste unreal and I’m kind of pissed that I never thought of mixing those two. Cinnamon Whiskey which is most likely Fireball is a nice touch to this drink though, but it is a hangover and a half waiting to happen. Vanilla vodka.. Well it’s just vanilla vodka. Only good if you’re a 6th grade girl mixing it with root beer or if it’s mixed into an espresso martini.


Halo Promethean


-1 part Jagermeister
-1 part Gin
-Orange Mio

Directions: Add the Jager to a shot glass, then float the gin on top. Squeeze a liberal portion of Orange Mio flavoring in to finish.

I am a huge fan of a drink that has no mixer in it besides some bullshit artificial sweetener. My buddies and I make a jungle juice with a shit ton of vodka, rum, beer, tequila.. You name it really. And we don’t put any juice, any fruit, nothing. Only Kool-Aid mix. That’s a type of drink that will take your legs away. Back to this Halo drink. I’m not a huge gin guy but I feel that the licorice flavor of the Jager, mixed with a citrus flavor of the orange Mio would marry perfectly with the gin.

How pimp would you sound ordering this shot too.. “Yeah, one Promethean..”


The Dark Knight Martini


-1.5oz Blavod Black Vodka


-.5oz Sweet Vermouth


-1oz Kraken Black Spiced Rum


-.5oz Irish Whiskey


-4 drops of Liquid Smoke


-Smoked Sea Salt, pinch

-Lemon wedge for garnish (optional)

Wait… They have black vodka? That’s fucking sick. Of course I Googled it. And of course I’m buying a bottle of it this weekend. This drink has some cool shit in it man. This is the type of martini you buy and just sit in the corner alone in a leather jacked and play the mysterious card and watch them flock to you. Either that or someone would be scared shit of you because you haven’t blinked in 45 minutes. What a drink this sounds like. Vodka, rum, whiskey.. LIQUID SMOKE? Don’t know what that is either but man does it sound cool. Optional Lemon? “Excuse me sir do you want a lemon?” You bet your ass I want a lemon garnish.

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu (3 in a row)



-1/2 oz Creme de Banana

-1/2 oz pomegranate schnapps,

-1/2 oz Jager


-1/2 oz grenadine

-1/2 oz Creme de Banana

-1/2 oz Captain Morgan tattoo


-1 oz Creme de Banana

-1 oz. Jager

-1 oz 100 proof Captain Morgan

Now we are talking. 3 shots in a row. There is something so empowering about going up to a bar and ordering 3 shots to the dome. Pichu starts off with the Jager and Creme de Banana, Pikachu comes through with the Captain Morgan and Creme de Banana, and as your trying to see straight again, you get punched by Raichu; which comes at you live with Jager, 100 proof Captain Morgan, and Creme de Banana. A couple 2,3, rounds of these bad boys and you’ll get kicked out of the bar. Not for nothing, Jager, and Captain Morgan are the ultimate anger alcohols. This will be a fun night.


Call of Duty

The Frag Grenade (Call of Duty)


-Crème de Menth
-Energy drink
-Black vodka

Last but not least, the Frag Grenade. Look at this picture. That looks absolutely lit, but if you are like me we’re dumping it all into a glass and throwing a few shards of ice in it. How about limoncello making a guest appearance? Followed by Creme de Menth which is pretty much a higher quality, green, Dr. McGuillicuddy. Jager again.. Bailey’s for a little creamy flavor, black vodka, and in case you weren’t sure if you are blacking out they threw in an energy drink. Sounds like a weekend in the slammer.

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