Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay Trailer is Here and There Are Some Changes

The Apex Legends season 4 gameplay trailer just dropped. Here’s a quick look at the trailer, which shows off Revenant, changes in the map, the new weapon, and a new game mode. Comes out tomorrow February 4th.

Alright Respawn, I see you. So first things first, let’s call out the most anticipated part of season 4, the new Legend, Revenant. Who is bad fucking ass. Revenant was programmed by Hammond Robotics to be the greatest hitman that the Syndicate has ever had, but some programming went wrong and now he wants revenge.

From what we see in the trailer, it looks like he can turn himself and teammates into smoke? It could be good for full team evasion, like Wraith’s Into the Void, but for the whole team. And also the ability to shoot grenades from his arm?

Revenant in the Apex Legends Season 4 launch trailer.

And… we’re getting a new weapon, the Sentinel. A bolt action rifle with a special charge mechanic. I can’t wait for it to inevitably come out broken. But it’ll also be fun to have a new, versatile rifle to try out.

Next, we have a new game mode, Assimilation, and changes coming to the World’s Edge. Lava popping up everywhere and the map getting even more dangerous due to the Hammond Robotics harvester crashing into Capital City.

Looks like my usual every-6-month-Apex-redownload is back tomorrow. Everyone knows that Apex has declined to player base and viewership, but they’re still trying and you love to see it. I ate this shit up when it first dropped. Granted it was the most unexpected drop ever and maybe that’s what got me. But I don’t think i’m completely out on Apex just yet.

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