Timthetatman and Bugha Make Debut Appearances in Super Bowl LIV Commercials

Tonight during Super Bowl LIV, both Timthetatman and Bugha made their Super Bowl commercial debuts. A commercial spot that costs companies a pretty, pretty, penny. Ninja completely blasted the door open last year and now it seems like the sky is the limit. A Fortnite pro, and a top Twitch streamer and content creator finding their way on peoples TV’s during the Super Bowl. Who would have thought we’d see the day that we see see this collision.

First up: Bugha in a Sabra commercial. With a riveting line.


And secondly, Tim – in an NFL commercial for the Next 100:

“Take it to the house kid”

We aren’t yet at the point in media where mainstream outlets understand the outreach and influence that people in the esports world have. I think it’s starting, and it’s a step in the right direction but we’re just there yet. But the toughest part it getting started, and the train in moving forward. I couldn’t be happier for Tim and Bugha, I’m not taking that away from them. They one billion percent deserve the airtime and for everyone to know who they are if they don’t already.

Props to NFL and Sabra though, because they were perfect commercials for these two. Tim, a big burly man just whipping a tractor, channeling his inner Dale, and Bugha the 17 team year old dropping the name of a fruit, that you can dress up as in the game that made him famous, after the dancing queen Charlie D’amelio cuts the rug up and gives a boomer a piece of her mind.

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